Best in bags/upgrades and defense cap

Is there a way I can get the optimizer to only optimize for defense up to the cap?

I’m a DK tank in Wrath and when I run best in bags, it’s suggesting I swap out a piece of gear to take me from 540 (def cap) to 553 defense. Is there a way to have it optimize for hitting the cap on def, then looking at hit (to taunt cap), etc.

Or am I just being dumb?

Snapshot ID: 650421a6117e4b21a0e057e17cc24bb7

My guess is that the significantly higher armor on the cloak it picks is the deciding factor. Getting a little extra defense above the “cap” is incidental and doesn’t matter compared to the armor gain.

We do not have specific options to force maximum values on stats. The calculations inherently already take those caps into account.

Awesome! Thank you for the response!