Best in Bags wants me to wear boots on my head

A picture says a thousand words:

I’ve seen this happen a few times… where after importing to the addon it shows the wrong item in the wrong slot… still tracking down what might cause it.

I have a similar issue - AMR keeps wanting to put a second chestpiece in a trinket slot. Been happening for a while :frowning:

OH! This is new…it wants to put a Tidespray Linen bandage in my druid bear’s OTHER trinket slot. :cry:

New spec… Healer Bear. :smile:

this is a whole new meaning to shoe on head O.O

Sometimes completely reinstalling the addon can clear up stuff like this… delete the WTF folder settings for the addon also. See if that makes a difference – remember to re-initialize after reinstalling though, open your bank once, and activate each spec once.

I just deleted the AMR addon and settings, reinstalled it, activated each spec but it’s still wants to put wonky items in trinket slots

Strange… not sure how it would do that unless it had the wrong item IDs or something… or maybe you have some weird cached WoW data on your client… I’m not sure how to clear the WoW cache though… will have to look it up. Not sure if it would make a difference.

@yellowfive - would this ^^^^ issue & the one @hewnoshaqa has be helped any with their add-on export strings…?

Might help… or even if you wanted to post the string you are exporting to the addon, I can try messing with that and see if I can get something similar to show in-game.