Best In Bags weapon broken

Wanting to start leveling my Monk and DK from 100 to 110. Noticed first on my Monk, now verified on my DK. BiB is importing the weapon, but not doing anything with it. Level 100, Frost DK with a pair of IL655 Frost-Etched Runeblade (1-hand) in my bags. Intentionally equipped an IL463 Spear of Xuen (2-hand). Export from WoW, imported to AMR. BiB tells me to change my head, but not my weapon.

Yeah, we don’t worry about any character without an artifact. Just use the highest item level weapon you have until you get it. It takes only a few hours before you get it.

Optimizing gear for leveling would be a totally different problem anyway. You would want to gear for burst, since most targets die in a few seconds.

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Pretty sure it says “Best in Bags”, not “Best in Bags if you’re level 110 with a legendary weapon.”