Best In Bags worse than own config

Hi @all,

i have a problem with the Best in Bags (BiB) option. If I use my own config it deals >18k dps more than the Best in Bags suggestion.
This is the sim for BiB :
This is the sim for my own config:

My assumption is that seems that BiB cant handle the leg. Trinket.(?)

Sb got an idea whats going on?

Are you using one of our default gearing strategies? Sometimes discrepancies like this can pop up because a single default strategy will never be “perfect” for everyone.

We are working on making our defaults more adaptive, but in the meantime, you could try the beta of our new custom gearing strategy technique, see if it gives you a better result.

To do that, on the simulation page, choose “BETA! Strategy V2” from the “Sim Type” picker. You will need our client program to run it, since they can take a while depending on your computer’s speed. (If you have a relatively new quad core and run in max performance mode, the new strategies should take around 30 minutes.) When it is done, check the Machine Learning option, then press “Save and Use” on the report it produces, give it a friendly name. Refresh the gear optimizer page, and choose it from the strategy picker at top/middle of the page, then do best-in-bags again.

Let me know how that turns out! This is a pretty early-access beta, but in theory the new system should handle anomalies like this much better.

I´m always using the Ursoc Auto strategie for Singletarget never the AMR-Default.
I´ll test the beta out and gonna tell you the results when im done. Thx so far till now :slight_smile:

Also, in case you haven’t seen the guide yet or want a few tips, here’s a picture tutorial of running custom gearing strats:

NOTE - instead of selecting the ‘gearing strategy’ for the sim type, select the “BETA! Strategy V2” version that yellowfive mentioned.

They are currently the same thing fragman.
I’m pretty sure I read that the AMR team were going to change that after they get the new beta stuff working well enough to not call it beta.

What yellowfive and Zoopercat have suggested will be much more accurate than the default as it’s using your character, not an approximation of a character near your ilvl.