Best in slot crafted

hey with best in slot the category crafted is missing

if I go to phase three, I’m gonna have Spitfire Bracers and
Dark Warder’s Pauldrons displayed although they only appear with phase 5

There may be a few items where we need to fix up the release phase information – it was pretty tough to find correct data out there.

Are there any other items besides these two that you think should be assigned to a different phase?

yeah sure you guys did a great job, if I see anything I’ll let you know :wink:

Blood Tiger Breastplate and Blood Tiger Shoulders belong in phase 4

I missed the spitfire bracers on my first pass for item sources, sorry about that. Those are now assigned to P4. Blood tiger breastplate and shoulders are also now assigned to p4. (In the next site update)

The dark warder’s pauldrons are set to p1, as the ‘catchup gear’ was reported to be available right away, and we have proof of some of those items dropping. So I assigned them all to p1. Please correct me if you have other information about that.

no, they’re not in the game yet, not until phase 5.
only items that have been improved by the catch-up mechanism but were in the game from the beginning are inside.
items that were added later will be added later now

Wand of Eternal Light only comes with phase 5 but is shown at 3