Best in slot dont change any gear

when I try to see the best gear possibel for my char, nothing changes. says the best gear for me is the one I have equipped, I stopped playing and I’m coming back now, and I have gear lvl 370 so it’s impossible that, it looks like gear is locked.

My char.

If you are using best in bags, we would need the string of data that you copy from the in-game addon to the website. With that we can recreate your case.

Not best in bag, best in slot, every time I use this function the result is always what I already have equipped, being that I have gear lvl 370 something is wrong.

You probably have some restrictive gear filters set that are telling the optimizer not to consider higher item level gear. In Step 2, of the setup, make sure that you have allowed gear from higher mythic+/raids to be considered.

Resolved, had the maximum lvl set to 0, so it did not change the gear. thank you very much.