Best-in-slot ignoring mythic plus items

When I run a best-in-slot analysis on my character, no mythic plus dungeon items are suggested except for the ones I already own. The setting “Mythic+ Level” seems to behave as if it is set to “None”, regardless of the actual setting.

Here is my help snapshot code: bdddf70e7d224f158942fb59fd9f5b4b

Your boss filters are set to exclude all loot from raids and dungeons. You need to toggle those back on to see loot from those sources.

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Thanks, that fixed my problem! I had assumed (without looking carefully) that the “boss filters” section was only for raid bosses. I had tried a few different configurations there, but never tried enabling anything in the mythic column.

I think including mythic raid bosses and mythic dungeons in the same column (with a master checkbox at the top) is a bit confusing, since many people will never kill a current mythic raid boss, but almost everyone does mythic dungeons. They are not similar in any way except for the name.

We did it that way because there are normal, heroic, and mythic version of dungeons too, so it works out to put them in the normal, heroic, and mythic columns.

It’s not perfect – world bosses are in the “normal” column for lack of a better column to put it in – but most people get the hang of it after a use or two.