Best In Slot Issue

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I was looking through Mr. Robot today to see if there were any changes in what I should be watching for in terms of BiS gear when raiding. I know they have been changing a lot of the artifact traits so I felt it was worth another scan. I ran into a very interesting bug when doing my search today. It is telling me that my BiS legs and feet are the BoP Blacksmith ones. I used to be a blacksmith on this toon prior to BfA launch but I have given that up for Gathering Professions. I have done several imports so I know that it should see me without that profession.

Here is the export string for BiB if that helps at all:

$64;US;Dawnbringer;Jarger;Pollo de la Muerte;5;1;120;23;1:150,3:150;3;.s3;21;2213211;.q3;158075s2b1516b3413b1b6t102;239s12b-3404b3251b223t103e5939;811s14t104;287s8b-3469b3247b218t105;11s3b-3475b3259b262a273790a-9803t106;1212s10b-3556b3294b13t107;1s5b-3307b3294b37a14630a1282t108;2s6b-3326b3287b14t109;6s15b-3281b3267b15t110;2s11b-3322b3309b12t111e0;9s13b-3306b3294b13t112;24s16b-3307b3294b13t113e24;39s7b-3302b3286b16t114;5s9b-3307b3294b13t115;9s1b-3307b3294b37a660a-16572t116$e\5939\153439\255072\27 Haste\152875=12@e\5963\159786\268894\Haste\152876=8,152875=20,152877=1

As you can see the Character in question is Jarger - Dawnbringer US.

Thank you ahead of time for all of your help!! Keep up the amazing work!!

I figured out where the issue was and I have flagged this topic for deletion.

I had it marked for all crafted gear to be used. I didn’t realize it would take into account gear that was unobtainable to me via crafting.

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Yeah… it’s not ideal, but we ran into a problem where people can craft gear with one profession, then drop and switch to another profession. So they then have access to gear from a profession that they don’t currently have.

For Best in Slot it would probably be better to restrict it to your current profession… I’ll add it to the list.