Best in Slot Not Factoring in Heart Level

Character Zyde on Staghelm. My neck is level 11 but it’s recommending a helm in my bag and suggests the upgrades for my helmet that require 12-18, which I don’t have. The helm I have on is strictly better due to having the necessary levels.

Am I missing something or does MrRobot not factor in the heart level requirements for the gear upgrades?

The level requirements are factored in when doing a Gear Check or Best in Bag.

For Best in Slot the assumption is that you are looking ahead and will consider all the traits on an item.

I was using Best in Bag. Does it also assume a look ahead mode? It’s fine, I just wanted to wrap my head around it.

This is the first time outside of set gear I can recall where gear can “grow”. In an ideal state I know “this is best for me right now, but don’t scrap Y item because once you get your heart level up Y item will be superior.”

It does take into account your heart level, I was wrong. The problem I think is that the item data we have doesn’t have all the right unlock levels. We are working to manually fix that.