Best in Slot Not Reading Crafted Gear Correctly

Hello - when messing around with the Best in Slot feature and selecting max IL across the board, it does not recognize the fact that crafted gear can go to 447. Or at least, not all of it. For example, it shows the Engineering Bracers as 447 and therefore best in slot but not the Signet of Titanic Insight. It can’t be an error on my side since the bracers are showing as 447.

When I try Best in Slot, it is trying all crafted gear at the max level if I set the Crafted Quality option to Tier 5.

The per-slot list doesn’t show it at Tier 5, but you can press the down arrow to the left of the rank number to change its ilvl.

Sweet, thank you. I didn’t know that you could edit things further with the drop down arrow. I still think it should be automatic but at least I’ve got a temporary solution now =)

Yeah it’s on my list to improve that one day… for technical reasons right now, we can’t default the items in that list to any available variant, there are only a couple “base” variants that can be chosen on the fly, keeps the site a lot faster.