Best in Slot on generic character ignoring customization

I am trying to do a best-in-slot using only normal dungeons, but the results are giving me all the VoI gear. I am doing this with a generic prot warrior. It seems to be ignoring any customization rules.

Setup looks like this:

Results are this:

The issue is that you are starting with a character who has better gear than that. Best in Slot will always include gear equipped on the starting character. Load a level 70 character with low level gear equipped if you want to try low-level Best in Slot.

Ah - guess I’ll just wait til I hit 70 then. Thanks!

You could also just set your level to 70 with the menu at the top-left next to your character name/portrait and check it out. Next time you import it will set it back to your actual character level though, so you’d have to set it again next time you run BiS until you hit max level.