Best in Slot over valuing hit on fire mage

When looking at the Best in Slot option for my fire mage it keeps adding hit gear until I’m over cap at 18.45%. I feel like there are better gear combos that don’t take you so far over cap is there an issue with the simulator?

My snapshot ID is; bb54f132eae64bea8b70b41f960ba48b

Taking a quick look, everything seems fine in this case – it is finding a good solution.

There are a few slots where you are going to get a significant amount of hit no matter what: one of your set items, legs (there are no high level alternative legs without a lot of hit), ashen band.

So then the optimizer is choosing items with hit for the neck, wrist, and 2nd ring. You can try to play around with different options in these slots… but I could not find any that scored better than what the optimizer found. You end up having to choose a slightly worse item overall, or picking up some hit on a gem and thus losing a bit of spell power that would offset the gains of the other stats on a different item.

Once you get into the highest tier of gear, it is not uncommon to end up deviating slightly further from these thresholds due to the relatively larger chunks of stats on items.