Best In Slot (relative to me)

Hi, I’m quite new and may be using the site wrong but id like to ask if I can tailor the BiS list to myself.
For example on my character Freef on Bloodfeather -EU i’d like to filter out mythic raiding (and old instances, I’m not farming Tos for a bloody TF spectre:E) as I mainly do HC raiding so its utterly pointless having them shown. However I would like to add select mythic boss loot as we get to them. I would also like to filter out TF gear as its so unlikely to ever have it drop.


Edit: using gear optimizer and typing in heroic does what I need and turning off smart mode seems to fix rng loot, is this the best method?
also some lower ilevel relics are valued higher than mine, I assume this is because they have better 2nd and 3rd traits than mine, can I easily see that in the gear optimizer list or do I need to run the relic explorer sim?

3rd edit. the relic explorer makes no sense, with bis traits on my current 970 relic i would get a 0.08 score increase, yet gear optimizer is telling me the argus relic @ 955 that does the same thing (+FoF dmg) can be a 0.23 score increase. How?

(sry for edits)

Click the filter button next to the gearing strategy. It looks like a funnel. In there you can pick which bosses you want to see loot from.

If you are looking at the upgrade finder, you can type in the text field to filter the list. You can type things like “heroic”, “t21”, etc.

If you post your export string from the addon I could explain the relic explorer better for you.