Best in Slot suggestions decrease dps

Well, at some point Best In Slot decided to drop some dps. Probably to save me from over aggroing

Snapshot: c657c16c0d8c4af8a637abc44b8cd2d2

Maybe a cache issue? When I load that snapshot it doesn’t make that recommendation. Also, I don’t even see that trinket when I try to manually change it. Edit: Am big dumb. I see it now, but Swol is on it.

Thanks for trying. Still getting the same error
Can you try another snapshot id: 7245dee7112c483eb87e2f6c9021dfa1
Previous one I got from BiB Help window

You have an item equipped that is higher ilvl than the filter you have set for mythic+ gear in BiS setup. Usually that 304 item you have should be added to the pool of items for the optimizer to pick from - but for some reason that isn’t happening here. We can check it out.

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The trinket is fine… the lower ilvl one actually ranks slightly higher. The issue is that you have set conduit rank max to 1 in your settings, but your current conduits are higher rank. There isn’t a check right now that forces BiS to use higher conduits ranks if you own higher ranks than your setting… we can look into adding that.

Increase the conduit rank setting to 11 and you’ll see a score that makes more sense.

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Thanks a lot, changing conduit level (how I missed that?!) made things understandable.
No clue why they’ve lighted up without real changes though