Besty bags constantly showing outdated gear as an up!

hi i just want to know why when i run best bag that for several days it want me to equip a very old item sirens alchemist stone w/ ilvl of 52 (ret pally)? is this something i can remedy on my end?

Can you confirm that you’re using the newest version of the add-on & that - for the character in question - you’ve accessed all of your storage options that have gear in them since 9.0 launched, please?

Failing that, can you generate a snapshot ID through the Best in Bags help section & post it as a reply?

Thank you, in advance.

ok my bad i cant figure out the snapshot thing so, I dont have in my bags, maybe in my bank as I think this is several expacs back(?) not sure.
Yes I’ve been to the bank several times, as I mentioned it just starting showing up on Mon. or Tues. currently I have Spare meet hook equip.(184) and before that a lvl 171 so I havnt equip. that trink in years.
so ok vers. in game says v95 and uploader says 9.0.2.
I hope this helps , as of this writting its still there.
Thank You Zephryus

Press the “help” link next to the big “Best in Bags” section header on the website, then press “Create Support Post”. Copy the generated snapshot ID here. With that we can see your exact setup and see what’s going on.

Hi an TY, this is what I got (638bf997d28d4bb3b0a5cd8b4f9ed125) hope this helps

In the setup step, you have max on-use items set to 1. That low-level item is the only non-use trinket that you own. Increase the limit to 2 if you want to allow the optimizer to equip two on-use trinkets at once.

We default to 1 because most people don’t really like using two on-use trinkets at the same time, it’s a bit of a hassle to get good value out of both.

Thank you that helped now it shows current Ilvl item