Beta Gearing Strategy question

Lately i’ve been trying out the Machine Learning feature in conjunction with the Beta Gearing Strategy for my Warlock Saturius.
I followed the instructions described here:

After letting the simulation run for almost an hour I now have a gearing strategy saved, but this leads me to some questions.

For one: Is this gearing strategy exclusively tailored to the one specific spec i ran the simulation with (in this case Demonology)?
And also: How often do I have to do this whole procedure?

It is tailored to the spec, talents, legendary items, and set bonuses that you had equipped when you ran the gearing strategy.

You would re-run it when something “major” changes. Like, you get a new major artifact trait, change talents, get a new legendary item, set bonus. You might want to re-run it if your gear goes up about 10 item levels.

In the future, we are going to have a lot of pre-calculated gearing strategies available so people don’t have to make their own custom ones. We hope to have that ready for ToS.