Beta Simulator Feedback - Enhancement

sample profile used:

-Maelstrom cap is still 150 instead of 100. The maelstrom cap is on our spec passive (effect#6, base is 100, effect is now +0 instead of +50 in legion)
-Stormbringer isn’t adding the “2nd cast” (stormstrike goes on full CD immediately instead of a 0 CD stormstrike)
-Strength of Earth and Feral Lunge ARE on the spec passive in spell data, but AMR does not have it whitelisted. (feral lunge obviously not as big a deal, but SoE is way stronger than it should be)
-Molten Weapon dot IS NOT on the spec passive in spell data, but AMR has it whitelisted and it shouldn’t be.
-Lightning Conduit and Lightning Shield defense procs ARE on our mastery in spell data, but ARM does not have it whitelisted. (assuming LC is not implemented yet, LS defense proc not a big deal)
-Speaking of Mastery, didn’t stop to manually calculate, but it appears as though the mastery data is whitelist modifying abilities, then further increasing all frost and nature spell school damage? I could just be mis-interpeting this. Mastery should only be affecting abilities explicitly on the aura now, zero school modifiers.
-Doomhammer artifact import from armory is real wonky (imported an ilvl 258 doomhammer and the result was a ~390 ilvl mainhand and a ~160 offhand) (probably not a big deal with legion stuff going away)
-Feral Spirits with Elemental Spirits still has a 120s CD instead of being reduced to 90s.
-Lava Lash not affected by flat fire buff from molten weapon (fire dog with elemental spirits). Fire buff should also be multiplicative, but the dot damage should be additive (70% dot with 2 stacks)
-Crackling Surge not affecting wind strike (don’t see it in the buff definition for crackling surge). While Elemental Spirits and Ascendance are on the same talent tier and typically incompatible (barring legion gloves), the spell data for Crackling Surge affects both - if some ascendance proc like the gloves comes back this may come back to bite you.
-Crackling Surge seems to be applying 2 seperate buffs instead of stacking to 2 like icy edge and molten weapon are. They all apply seperate buffs in game, but its more intuitive if its just a stacking thing in the report - this is just a weird reporting gripe Also seeing the stack counts seperately (% of time at 1 and 2 stacks) would be nice instead of just overall uptime of any stacks.
-Earthen Spike debuff not increasing the damage of Sundering (flamestrike damage still counts as physical for the dmg taken mod).
-I see in your elemental spirits ability definition comment you have “TODO: Only auto attacks are proc’ing Icy Edge Right now. Bug?”, icy edge does only proc off white attacks - the original implementation made it so your wolves proc’d the icy edge attack when you auto attacked, they simplified the ability to just be the player procs the attack on white attacks instead, its far more likely that the tooltip is just very misleading and very wrong.
-Spellpower not listed in the stats panel (nor the composite attack power or what you guys call ‘ability damage’, but to be fair simc hasn’t overhauled the stats table either to show composite attack power). Since Spellpower is no longer 100% of attack power, it should be listed as a stat.
-Gale-force striking appears to be stacking its intensity and doing odd things with its buff apply / refresh logic, none of the new weapon enchants stack in-game ~1.3 swing speed is way too fast (2.6 / 1.1 / 1.35 / 1.35 = ~1.3) -
-Vile Bile (weapon proc from Bile-Stained Crawg Tusks) is not refreshing its duration back to 9s on buff stacking
-Some Enhance specific Azerite traits appear unimplemented (Primal Primer, Roiling Storm, Lightning Conduit). Striker’s Grace, Storm’s Eye and Electropotence have yet to be found ingame so personally I wouldn’t bother with those. Didn’t mess with the shared elemental ones yet.
-The Stormstrike that triggers the 20th (and 21st) stacks of Lightning Shield should apply 1 Lightning Shield damage event, current AMR is applying zero. Basically the main hand SS hit brings you to 20 stacks, you gain the overcharge buff, then the off hand lands with the buff up and applies one damage event. With a defensive proc bringing you to 18 stacks, if you SS and go to 20 there should be zero damage events (as the overcharge hit is evaluated before the LS buff gains a stack). (It used to inconsistently proc 1 or 2 damage events but this has been recently fixed and I’ve yet to update it in simcraft myself)
-obvious rotation improvements, I imagine optimization is last after bug fixing for you guys.

Stopped after this point, let me know when these get knocked out and I’ll go dig for more. It gets to a point where when enough things don’t line up that it’s difficult to look for others.

Thanks for the feedback.

I forgot to take a look at the spec definition when I was updated, heh. 150 maelstrom would be nice though, right?

I fixed the stormbringer thing.

I am in the process of going through all the spec core passives and mastery as I get azerite powers implemented - I hadn’t gone through enhance yet. I can update it today.

Molten Weapon is based purely on the damage of Lava Lash, so being buffed by core passive and/or mastery doesn’t matter. Not sure why spell data shows it on the core passive, since it isn’t affected by it. Molten Weapon just does 35% of the damage of the lava lash that procs it over 2 ticks. It refreshes using a Legacy refresh mechanic similar to ignite, where if you apply two of them the second one is added to the first and spread across the new ticks (and you’ll actually get 3 ticks, but for same total damage). I tested for a while until I got double fire wolf and tested it. It’s not a “stacking” DoT, it’s like ignite.

I use two buffs for cracking surge (and now molten weapon) because, like you said, the buffs multiply.

My note on Icy Edge is because the ability tooltip indicates that it would proc off “melee abilities” - but it only procs off autos. I leave notes like that so I know to go back and check later on. It seems like it might be a possible game bug.

We could show spell power in the stats panel for enhance - we do have it being calculated actually in the simulator - I went through and updated all those once I realized that most of the hybrids were using unique multipliers for this.

I made some tweaks to the lightning shield so that it will get that extra proc. One weird thing I noticed in-game is that if you get a windfury proc on the stormstrike that causes this… you only get two damage procs, when i’d expect 3, so not sure what’s up with that. It’s such a minor thing that I’m not going to worry about it right now.

I’ll have to ask yellow about the weapon enchants - I didn’t do any work on those.

And yeah, we tried to put a lot of messaging on the beta that makes it clear that we are not done with azerite powers and we aren’t working on rotation optimization at this point. That will come in the next few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Molten Weapon: It also increases all fire damage dealt by the shaman, in addition to the ignite style rolling dot:

This is what I was referring to - I don’t see any reference to the other half of Molten Weapon, things like Flametongue, Lava Lash, Searing Assault and Sundering, none of which are increased during the fire wolf buff in the AMR report, but are in-game. You missed half the buff’s effect.

Additionally, I was explaining that in blizzard’s spell data, molten weapon IS NOT in the spec aura or the mastery aura - so that it correctly does 35% of the lava lash’s damage, but you have molten weapon white listed on the spec aura, so that probably needs to get removed if that’s reducing the damage of the dot (I’m just assuming it is - its on the aura in your documentation so I’m assuming its being affected)

Icy Edge - I was just explaining the history of the ability and the intended mechanic is for it to be off autos only, the new tooltip is just bad. Was just trying to let you know there’s no bug outside the tooltip description is bad.

Ok, I misunderstood what you were trying to say. I did add the fire damage buff to molten weapon in this update I’ll put out. Having it white-listed on mastery and/or core passive wasn’t affecting it in the simulator, since the damage formula doesn’t include those multipliers.

Do you have a source/post from blizzard that tells us for sure that icy edge was never intended to proc on anything other than autos?

Not sure how a bunch of bugs made it through on Enhance… I must have gotten distracted or something in the middle of updating it :wink: We have a debugging process we run all the specs through before we calculate gearing strategies, so we’ll see if anything else pops up.

I’ll look at gale-force striking, I’m assuming you are dual-wielding those enchants? Looks like it is giving two distinct enchants… I’m assuming how it works in-game is that if you have two, they just refresh the same buff (so you essentially have double the rppm).

Another issue is Forceful Winds. In-game, the buff is evaluated before both damage events happen in both ST and AoE, but AMR is applying it after the first of the 2 damage events:

To be clear, it should be one stack per proc, but the stacks should be applied before the damage event. I know this doesn’t line up with the tooltip, but it’s how it currently behaves in game; whether that’s a bug or not is up to Blizzard, it’s been reported at least once. With Forceful Winds talented, there is no such thing as a 0 stack FW Windfury as a result.

This gets more irritating though in AoE with Crash Lightning. If you were to cast crash lightning on 5 targets and proc windfury on all 5 targets, every single windfury damage event is at 5 stacks, not incrementing up or applied after.

I’ve been struggling to get this exactly right in simc myself - right now I defer the windfury execution in simulation time by 1ms, so that all targets can be iterated upon and proc chances evaluated (and forceful winds buff stacks applied), then all the windfury’s fire off at the correct damage mod - this isn’t perfect but it’s close. Blizzard manages to do it all on the same frame, but its easier for them to do that since yanno, their servers and all vs the way simulationcraft is designed with multiple targets.

That is a weird behavior - I added some stuff in to make it work in the simulator. I ended up using a similar technique: delaying the hits by 1ms. It’s probably the only way to make it work in simulators unless we wanted to write a whole bunch of ugly code.

Error parsing: = 0.25 * TotalSpellPower * TotalHealingMultiplier * RestoShamanMastery, message: This operator can only be used on numeric operands: *

Error im getting Running Enh. Sim

Give me a link to the sim and I will check it out. I’m not sure how that can pop up for enhance.

I made an update that I think should fix this – I think it was caused by the Earth Shield talent when taken on a non-resto shaman spec.