Beta V2 Strategies, New Forum!

Big update today!

  1. New forums! We plan to use these a lot more, and they should be much more user-friendly.

  2. Import from Log feature on simulator run page. This is a little convenience to let you match up to one of your combat logs on Warcraft Logs. You can paste pretty much any URL from WCL into the box as long as it contains the fight ID and source (player) ID.

  3. Import/export on rotations/boss scripts in the theorycraft wiki. This is another minor convenience, helpful for collaboration. You can export a rotation, which generates a block of code. You can then import that into another rotation, or give it to someone else, and they can overwrite their own rotation with it.

  4. Spellblade Aluriel boss script is now available for tank and damage specs!

And now the MAIN EVENT: a BETA of the new VERSION 2 gearing strategies is available now! Choose “BETA! Strategy V2” from the Sim Type picker on the simulation run page. More details will be coming in a blog post soon, but here are a few quick details about this early-access beta:

  • It only works for DPS specs. Don’t worry, tanks and healers will be added very soon.
  • It has full support for using multiple clients, and requires far fewer runs, so should be much faster!
  • These beta custom strategies are designed to be more “specific” and will thus require more frequent updating. If you change talents, legendaries, impactful relics or set bonuses, significant trinkets, or gain more than a couple ilvls overall, you should update it. An “update helper” will be added soon-ish for these new custom strategies to help you know when an update is necessary or not.
  • It is a beta! Report bugs, give feedback!
  • It’s also not done! Lots of new UI and stuff is coming soon, this is just the base behavior.
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