BiB Best in Bags not working/helping

I’m having an issue where my BiB is showing me an ilvl difference even though it’s not changing any gear of mine, except it’s increasing my Artifact Weapon’s ilvl by 25 even though it’s not changing the relics at all. I also don’t have any relics in my bags to upgrade my AW ilvl.

It’s also not giving any different options for my Legendaries, stating that no other combo comes close to damage, but if I change my Legendaries manually and run it again, it says the same thing, that no other Legendary combo comes close. It can’t be true for multiple Legendary combinations I change manually, so something is clearly not being checked.

I wouldn’t really be too bothered by this, except BiB is the entire reason I paid for upgraded membership to this site and it not working isn’t cool, given that.

We need you to post your export string from the addon so that we can look at your BiB. Also, let us know of any relevant settings we would need to reproduce what you are seeing, especially which gearing strategy you are using.