BIB broken since this morning?

BiB looks broken since this morning.
Any info on that?

It suggests all kind of wrong enchants if not boots in a weapon slot or else… here’s an example.


OK, I see the issue… post edited to factor in reading correctly what you posted.

Take 2…

Moving MW to top priority & right-clicking and removing the errant Enchants (yes; you can do that), I get this:

Thx I had no idea you could remove enchant but i still need this spec to be the second though
I’ll try and let you know if it keeps happenning…

Best regards;

I have seen this happen in rare cases when something gets cached incorrectly… basically the locked enchants don’t get updated and get tied to the wrong items. It is very rare and hard to track down though, have never been able to reproduce the steps to get it into that state.

Pressing “unlock all” then re-optimize, and then re-importing from the addon and optimizing again usually clears it up. If you ever see it happen again let me know, and if possible, let me know what sequence of events you think led up to it.


What i do is do a batch sim on azerite traits (on 2 spec in BiB) and then go in BiB to force the trait on suggestion…
Usually when I open the BiB it is broken (on the 2 spec and 3 spec…)

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Mmmh ok but it has nothing to do with this thread nor the initial issue. Plz use your own thread for clarity purposes :slight_smile:

Regarding the initial issue: Going to the bank and doing another export to the website clear the issue.
So the fix works but the initial bug is still here…