(BiB) Can Multiple Setups Use BIS Gems/Enchants?

I have two setups both for balance druid, one for raid and one for m+. Is there a way to have both of these setups use BIS gems and enchants? Right now the higher “M+” Setup dictates the gems and enchants for the lower “Raid” setup.

Current raid gems/enchants:
BIS raid gems/enchants:

I know this is the intended outcome by the post here.

Make sure it is in the right priority order. If Mythic+ is the most important spec, make sure you drag & drop it to the top. Remember: the top spec gets first choice of the best gear, gems, enchants, and Conduit Powers.

But it would be nice to be able to override this feature some how, so I can have both my raid and m+ setups use BIS gems/enchants without moving the setups around all the time.

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No, we don’t have a setting that would assume you’d destroy gems when you swap setups. So far, you are the first person to ask for it!