BiB Can't See Secondhand Gear for Boosted Character?


WotLK Classic

I assume I’m doing something wrong. I have a character that I used a boost-to-80 service on, and as part of that service the character gets a set of ilvl 187 greens called “Secondhand [gear piece, i.e. armor, cloak, necklace]”.

I imported my character information using the string provided by the AMR addon. When using the Best In Bags feature of AMR, it doesn’t seem to detect/see/load the boost-related secondhand gear, so I can’t compare my post-boost looted gear pieces against it.

Is this a limitation of AMR because multiple items of gear (boosted gear of varying classes) sharing the same names have different stats associated and AMR can’t necessarily tell them apart? Or is this user error?

Lemme know.

This is the AMR Addon export string:


This is still on my list – we don’t scan for new items as often in WotLK because they don’t really make new items for the classic versions of the game, but looks like they added new sets of gear for boosts. We’ll try to pick that up in the next site update.