BiB changing within hours

I’m asking this on behalf of a friend because they won’t post but it has happened to me occasionally in the past as well. My friend plays a fire mage and i play a resto druid. What’s happening is that after using BiB and changing out gear, gems, enchants then re-exporting to make sure everything is right according to robot and it is. Then 3-4 hours later it isn’t right with no in game changes or new gear acquired.

Example:Yesterday I helped my friend to use the new netherlight crucible and options with MR.Robot. We put all extra relics into the netherlight to show what traits they would have, opened bank and bags then exported to the mr robot. Robot said to change some things and so we did and re-exported to Robot. He showed everything was optimized except for 2 gems. I was at her house and cut them later that day for her when I was home again about 5 hours later. I gave her the gems and she put them on and then re-exported to make sure she was done and suddenly MR Robot wanted her to change out 4 pieces of gear again. She hadn’t played, gotten any gear, changed anything etc since we had gone through it together at her house earlier that day. This has happened to my druid occasionally in the past as well and i couldn’t find out why. She has an account and was signed in. No setting were changed. I don’t understand what makes this happen?

Thanks for any assistance in advance.

Hard to say without e.g. the string of data that you copy from the addon to the website to reproduce the case.

We do update the gearing strategies from time to time which can cause changes – we did an update last night with a few optimizer tweaks and new weights for tanks, and a new feature – that could make a slight difference.

Well ty for the input anyway. I’ll try to convince her to post herself, so she can include the string of data. I’ll also post next time it happens to me.