BiB: Dark Titan's over Natural Order's Will for a Guardian


I seriously doubt that there’s remotely enough justification for favoring Restoration’s The Dark Titan’s Lesson over Guardian’s The Natural Order’s Will.

Can you, please, check what’s going on with AMR’s logarithms?

I’m not sure how that item is getting picked… the data certainly favors the correct legendary items. I can’t figure out why the optimizer is getting confused in this case - will have to dig into the code. Must be some weird edge case.

For now, exclude Dark Titan’s from your guardian optimization and it gets you around the issue.


This is another example of BiB recommending Feral’s Frenzyband over The Natural Order’s Will for my Guardian.

And thank you. I locked The Natural Order’s Will to get around it but it’s good to know another option that may be better to use in this case.

I’ll take a look and try to adjust things… the issue is that you’re right on the edge of being too low item level for the toughness data that we calculated. When you are below the item level cutoff, we do a mostly DPS optimization. Once your item level catches up to the current tier of content, we start doing toughness optimizations.

I can try to extend the ilvl range a little lower and see if the toughness optimizations still work out.

Thank you for the clarification, yellowfive. What you mentioned is understandable, but it would be good to extend the iLvl coverage to be at a minimum of all crafted 233 gear, one 229 green weapon, and two 200 trinket, maybe one crafted and the other from a world quest, because this is what some players would be starting with sometimes while trying to do low M+ dungeons and stuff. And it would be good, of course, to gear up as properly as possible, even if just doing +2 – +5 dungeons.

Also, it would be vital for some users like myself to read a warning in the BiB area about the minimum iLvl for reliable TUF or toughness recommendations. This way, at least a user like myself may opt to make some educated guesses sometimes until their character reaches that minimum iLvl.

And thanks again. :slight_smile: