BiB differs from AutoGem/Enchants recommendation (bug or feature?)

Hi, often I import my data string from my AskMrRobot add on, and it loads fine. Then I hit the AutoGem/Enchant button and it makes recommendations that almost seem like it’s optimizing to a different spec even though the decisions it is making actually make sense.

For my specific toon, I am an outlaw rogue and was trying to leverage the default Multi/AOE adaptive strategy.

For AutoGem/Enchant, it recommends a completely different neck enchant (Grand Army vs. Satyr) and emphasizes adding a bunch of haste.

When I run BiB it says I’m fine and doesn’t touch anything.

I would think the results would be the same, although I could see being near enough to some local minimum/maximum that different results get me to a similar bottom line # within some kind of threshold — which is what I am expecting to hear back from you, but wanted to be sure.

Big love to yellowfive and zoopercat. Love what you’ve done with the place since we talked last! :smiley:

What’s up!

That’s strange… distant army should only be recommended for AoE in some cases (and even then satyr sometimes beats it out, the radius on it is pretty tiny).

Could you post your addon export string that you copy from the game to the website so that I can try it to reproduce it?

I’ve had this happen on my FDK… when Auto changes a few things for Crit, but BiB changes nothing; will edit later to add datastring.

Oh – one reason for that could be that Best in Bags has a “score threshold” feature. If the changes to gems/enchants would not increase your score by at least your threshold, then it tells you to keep what you have. Handy if you don’t want to make really tiny changes that might be expensive. Most feedback we get has told us that people like that to be on by default, we set it to 0.5% by default.

I have confirmed the hypotheses. Once I disable the threshold on BiB, then the autogem/enchant is more in line with what is recommended. In my particular case, it then pulls out all the stops and wants me to swap in different relics, which isn’t accounted for in the AutoGem/Enchant - which in understandable. Confusion gone. Mischief Managed!