BiB Essence drop down is empty in Safari Mobile (iOS 12)

The Best in Bag feature isn’t usable for me on my iPhone because the Essence drop down menu is empty. The results are then based on no essence as well.

If you have any essences when you exported or (not sure for that) if you imported your character from the armory. I dont think it add the essences.
You will need the addon i think.
Or it’s a bug:
Could you share your export string to make sure it’s not ?

As far as I know… you can’t figure out which essences a person has unlocked via the armory, you have to do it via our addon. The whole site works a lot better (especially Best in Bags) if you don’t use the armory, only the addon.

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On iOS I don’t have my export string. I only enter that on my desktop (where I can copy and paste it). I’m assuming it doesn’t sync with my account, though I feel it should.