BiB for each spec

How do I run/setup the BiB feature in order to get a set for each spec? I want to have a set of gear for two different specs with it’s own enchantments and gems, not one set that is mainly optimized for one spec and partially optimized for the other.

Are you saying that you want to change gems and enchants in items shared between specs whenever you change specs, rather than have the optimizer handle it in such a way that you don’t need to apply new gems and enchants whenever you swap specs?

We don’t have an option to disable that behavior right now… if you put a spec on the top of the priority list and optimize, then that spec will always have the best possible gems/enchants. So you could do an optimization with each spec as the top priority spec and save that setup individually. That would do what you want, though it would be a little less convenient.

No, I want to have a set of gear for Windwalker spec and a separate set of gear for Mistweaver, two chest pieces, shoulder pieces, gloves, etc.

Best in Bags already does what you want I think.

Let’s say Windwalker is set as your top-priority spec, and Mistweaver as your second spec.

First it will optimizer Windwalker with no restrictions. The best possible gear with the best gems and enchants will be chosen. Let’s say it chooses chest piece A with a crit gem.

Next, it will optimize Mistweaver with only one restriction, best described by example: it can’t change the crit gem in chest piece A. So it will pick the best possible gear and gems and enchants for Mistweaver, as long as it doesn’t change a gem/enchant “reserved” for Windwalker.

In many cases, uses the same chest piece as your Windwalker set but with the “wrong” gem for Mistweaver is better than any alternative chest piece you might have.

Does that describe how you want it to work?

Well, yes and no. I’d like to be able to run it for both specs without any restrictions. For instance, I have two pieces of identical gear for each slot. In order to get fully optimized results for each spec, would I have to run BiB twice?

No you wouldn’t – it will see that you have two identical pieces of gear, and use one for one spec and one for the other (if they are indeed the best for each spec).

I’ll say this, @trendorleises - I admire your patience to get two identical sets of gear if none of them have “of the” suffixes.