BiB for vengeance recommend dropping tier bonus

Snapshot ID: 95d09da2e4b54d279832e7a094863804

BiB recommends replacing shoulders to drop the 4p tier bonus. It doesn’t seem to change even if I use the “force tier bonus” toggle or switch between damage and TUF. Any idea why?

My initial thought is that 4pc bonus doesn’t add enough to be worth it, but that may well be subjective.

Two other factors are at play; a different Soulbind & the iL278 Axe… the use of Pelagos may play into some of the eqpt. choices that BiB has chosen.

The tank set bonuses are a little tougher to get the optimizer to use by default in some cases. This one in particular heavily favors offense.

I’ll see why the force set bonus option isn’t working in this case. We might have to make some adjustments. Sliding the gearing strategy a couple more steps towards all offense also works.

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Also curious why Pelagos was suggested and if there’s way a to force BiB to stick with my current soulbind (mikanikos)

I can’t reproduce this, sliding all the way to offense produces the same recommendation (drop 4p), but now it also recommends a lower ilvl weapon and ooze trinket.


In that snapshot (and screenshot), everything looks correct to me. It keeps your 4pc bonus, it’s simply changing which set pieces it is using.

The weapon change is a marginal difference but plausible – off hand DPS is not very impactful for tank DPS, and damage procs generally work well for tank DPS. Same idea with the trinket choice.

I’m still messing around with the implementation of the force 4pc option to make sure that it picks the 4pc bonus even when it ranks poorly.