BiB Issue: Equipped gear not correct

Since the change to allow for multiple sets in BiB (which is a good thing), I have been having a particularly frustrating problem and having tried all sort of things, I am at my wits end.

TLDR: The BIB section shows the BIB gear in both the left and right sides of the screen rather than the current gear in the left and the BiB in the right.

I export from the addon in game, then go to the website and press the Import from Addon button. Paste the export from in game and then press Find Best in Bags button. The result is:

The trinkets are switched (equipped trinket 1 is trinket 2 in the screenshot and trinket 2 equipped is trinket 1 in the screenshot). The equipped chest is a 310 blue not the 340 as shown in the screenshot.

My export string from the addon is:

65;US;Burning Blade;Psikotic;LivingFiction;1;2;120;19;11:1,4:11;1;.s1;4;1331211;.s2;5;1200000;.q1;153685s11b3370b1557;4193s5b-3425b3283a273834a-5240;38s6b-3273b3273b18;31s3b-3301b3283a11786a-11780;128s2b-3277b3424b1b2;28s17b-3438b3288b18;29s16b-3296b3274b21b1;19s12b-3301b3279b22;13s14b-3271b3252b19;141s9b-3281b3258b3;1580s10b-3083b3227;738s1b-3465b3324b39a9893a-11556;29s13b-3333b3294b13;2646s7b-3262b3246b342;62s15b-3593b3254b16b323;78s8b-3593b3254b338;.q2;112453s6;7s12;9788s1b3592;6s7b0;7s15b0;115s3b0;7s5b0;285s2b0;5505s11b0;145s13b0;638s16;148s14b-3047;3139s17;1070s9;1s10b0;3s8b0;.inv;6948;102128;5745;0;13008b719b759y133088p1487p322;1381;10982;395;0;0;0;0;1018;2180;8709;82;55;5b3449;2;237;1;140;670b-1579b1580;1198;0;0;13;2;415b-3461b3308b10a273834a-5239a-4617;254b-3278b3278b18;292b-3291b3274b251;28b-3525b3274b33a16306a-14104;1075;831;7;80b-3302b3268;33b-3268b3268b18;965;37;211;550;210b-3125b3249;166;465;0;607v113b-151;1335;1;848b-3244b3254b339;126b-3593b3254b339a7051a-7051;45

With the addition of multiple sets per spec, it kind of complicated things, so we have changed the behavior a little bit.

Previously, the left side would always show exactly what you had equipped for that spec when you copied data from the addon to the website. Now, the left side will show the results of the last optimization that you did with that setup before you gave us new gear data.

The reason for this is best illustrated by example: imagine that you have a raiding and a mythic+ setup for your havoc spec. You are in-game and get some new gear. You are currently wearing your raid gear. Now you send new data to the website to see if your new gear is an upgrade. When you look at your raiding setup, it might show you to change one item and put on your new piece of gear, cool.

Now you switch over to your mythic+ setup. If we kept it how it was before and always show your current gear as it is in-game, it would say you have to change a ton of stuff… you’re in raid gear, not mythic+ gear. But… you only got one new item… that would be kind of annoying. What you really want to see is what changed from your previous mythic+ setup, not what changed from your currently equipped gear. So that’s what we show now.

In other words: the left-to-right comparison is now showing the incremental change from the last optimization you did on the previous version of your inventory we saw to the current version of your inventory that we have.

If we end up getting a lot of questions about this change we’ll give it some more thought, but that was the best way I could think to handle multiple setups and show a useful comparison for all of your setups.

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I understand the complexity of this and now better understand the behavior of the website. Since this is a drastic departure from previous functionality and isn’t readily apparent how things function now, perhaps you’ll need to put some sort of note on the BiB section that indicates something like: New recommendation based upon previous optimization rather than from equipped items.

I am not sure how to best to articulate that the behavior now feels very odd given that what I see on the screen is three-fold and I have to figure out myself how to parse the information. I have an equipped set, that has a blue 310 chest and trinkets in a particular order (due to macros activating on-use) and two version of BiB (the last time it ran and this time). The reason why my equipped gear is different from the last optimization could be for any number of reasons, in this case it just so happens to be that I hit the Back to Setup and changed the enchant options.

This is not an easy thing to solve, but what I will say is that my primary use of BiB is to easily highlight the items in my bags that I need to equip to be optimized. The ‘easily highlight’ part is no longer there. Now (IF I hit the BIB option more than once) I need to manually figure out which pieces I need to swap. I assume that you built BiB with two purposes, one to identify potential upgrades in your bags and two to identify (highlight) those potential upgrades so that they can be equipped. The new functionality does both of those still sort of, but the highlighting part is easily lost. I hope that makes sense from the user perspective.

The in-game addon is the best place to see which things you need to equip to have your optimized setup. It will show an “E” next to any item you currently have equipped, and anything that is not will be in bold. Then you can press the button to equip your optimized solution. It will also highlight gem/enchant/azerite modifications you need to make to match your optimized solution.

We’ll probably make a note about how it is working somewhere on the site… it is definitely more complex once you allow multiple setups per spec. Even though it is more complex now, I think that there was enough demand for this feature that people would prefer to have the multiple setup feature than not.

The main question that the left-to-right comparison on the website answers is this: compared to what I had before, how much of an improvement can I get with what is available in my bags now?

If we always show your currently-equipped gear on the left… the score gain (e.g. +5.22% DPS) becomes meaningless if you don’t have that set equipped in-game right now. Maybe you have your raid set equipped, but you exported after getting a new item, and want to know what percent DPS gain it will be for M+. The only way to answer that question is compare it to the last result seen from before when you imported with that new item in your inventory.

If it ends up being too confusing, we’ll certainly consider changing things. Maybe people don’t care that much about the percent score gain number, and they would prefer to always just see the gear they have equipped in-game at this moment compared to the optimization result. We’ll gather feedback and see.

This behaviour puzzled me for a long while and I was sure it was a bug until I read the above reply. I understand that for those running multiple gear-sets/talents per spec it may be beneficial to see it like now, however it does feel like functionality lost for me who does not use AMR like that.

My suggestion would be to let the user decide somehow (an option in the setup maybe) whether the left side shows previous simmed gear or current equipped gear.

Just to get a bit more feedback – which functionality do you feel is lost with the way it is now? What in particular do you find yourself missing?

Mainly the ability to identify quickly which item(s) it suggests me to replace. This happens mostly when checking the gear-set of an off-spec, but it is also always useful to be able to easily see that a quick AMR-check shows no changes (unlike with the latest version where I have to double-check each slot’s itemname versus what I have equipped in-game),


In theory the current version of the site should show you which items it thinks you should change now as well.

The main difference is that the left side is the result of your last optimization using your previous import, rather than whatever gear you happened to have equipped when you exported from the addon to the website.

The typical use case will go something like:

  1. I optimized and I sent it to the addon, and then I equipped it in-game.

  2. I got some new gear! Export to the website with my new stuff, optimize.

  3. The site will show you what changes it recommends compared to the optimized result from the previous state of your inventory. In the simplest/common case: equip that new higher item level item that you just got. The score gain and the highlighted changes will show and measure that gain for you.

If all you want to know is whether your character in-game has those items currently equipped or not, the in-game addon shows you this. When looking at your gear set in the addon, there is an “E” next to items you currently have equipped, and items are bolded that you need to change to match your optimization. And then you can press the big green button to auto-equip all that gear.

It’s certainly possible that I’m missing a use case here – feel free to give me any details about how you tend to use the site if it is different than that flow I described.

I understand the change that was made and why it was needed. It is a better design for some people that use the site, while it’s an unexpected change and difficult to tell that it was intended and not a bug. So I imagine there will be others like me that spend time trying to figure out what is happening and conclude (incorrectly) that it must be some issue associated with the change.

I do have multiple specs that I frequently play on my characters like my monk (ww, mw raid and mw mythic+) so I will at some point explore the new functionality.

Your use case implies a step 4. That is to ‘Send to Addon’ and export from the website to the in game addon. That is not a step I perform normally as it was not really needed. I can do the enchants and gemming myself and can also move items from my bags to the character sheet manually so that functionality from the addon was not useful to me. It sounds like those that did not use that functionality will need to start doing so in order to get what used to be had from the website itself.

Prior to this change when I would want to check between mythic+ and raid gear on my monk for instance, I would simply switch the gear and do another export from the addon to the website in order to compare an item or some items between the two. That was not a daunting task. For me the idea of having multiple set functionality in the website is useful for the ‘ordering’ of the sets so when I evaluate a new piece of gear, it does not gem/enchant two ways (one for raid and one for mythic+. The ordering now gives that specific functionality. I can choose which of the two healing sets I want to be ‘dominant’ and it will gem for that and then when I evaluate the subordinate set it will not replace that gem, but factor the stat from that gem into the set. In which case it may say don’t equip that item, whereas before it would with a different gem strategy.

Hopefully that gives you a little better understanding how at least one user uses your tool. I like your tool and use it often (though its not the only source of information I use) and have been a premium user for quite a long time now. Thanks for taking time to hear us out.

Thanks – I think that was the missing piece. It would definitely be less convenient if you are not importing your sets back into the in-game addon.

I’ll give that some thought if it is a common/desired way to use the site. Maybe add an option to control what is shown on the left side of the comparison.

In the meantime, give the “send to addon” feature a shot – it’s pretty convenient. Even if you don’t want to use the button to automatically equip the set, you will have a window right in-game that you can set alongside your character sheet to make the gear swaps manually.

I will give it a try. Honestly, I am not sure how impactful this change will be to the average user. I suppose you will have ways to determine that. Furthermore, I would much rather have resources spent on providing the option to exclude items from bags as that is more often an issue for me. For instance, as a healer I would like to exclude at times mana recovery trinkets or items that I know I will not be able to use effectively enough to get their full benefit (for instance an on-use trinket vs a passive one).

I never uise the import function in game. Not being able to see the current set and recommended set side by side really hurts the functionality for the way I use the site.

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I have the same issue. When I use BiB, It’s telling me to equip my HoA which I never take off. It also doesn’t recognize that I have upgraded one of my ring from 370 to 380. I have tried online updating and also addon updating.

The other site options (Gear Check, BIS, etc.) seems to be working as intended.

Agreed. I generally run the add-on each time I get a new piece of gear and, if it’s an upgrade, I make the switch manually, one click.

Sometimes that happens if you upgrade it – it appears as a different item then (bonus IDs change). Once you export again, it should clear that up.

@darouk @dicerr give the “Send to addon” feature a try – it’s just a copy/paste, and then you can see the recommendations right in-game (and even have it automatically make an equipment manager set for you if desired, or swap to that gear set with a single click).

I’ll give some thought to some extra options on the website UI, but in the meantime give the addon functionality a shot and let me know what you like/don’t like about it.


Just to give my feedback for the left-right comparaison.
Personally i change spec everydays. To optimise our raid or our MM+ runs.

I have also 6 sub spec, 2 per spec. (Saying that i would love a 7th to test things and then remove one of the 6 first). I find the current way (having the last gear saved showing) more confortable because …. I do optimization when i’m at work so i dont have the possibilité to compare my gear or change spec to compare.

So, i love the feature it WAY MORE optimise than what i did previously by exporting spec one by one for each content one by one.

Thanks AMR

Good job AMR Team !

I updated the site last night to go back to always showing your last-seen equipped gear for that spec in-game on the left side. It’s potentially not as convenient if you have multiple setups for a spec… but I think that is what most people expect it to show, which ultimately is probably easier for people.

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was getting errors exporting to the addon from the site.
Had to delete bib to make it work.

What’s going on? All my stuff is updated.

I’m having trouble with the addon finding a 355 level item in my bag but it thinks that it is ilevel 360?

Deleted the addon and cleared out the wtf - reinstalled, still the same ;(

I only have one spec on the in game manager.

$66;EU;Twisting Nether;Lyengar;Kinsfolk;7;2;120;28;10:150,15:700,12:114,13:135,4:101;3;.s1;31;;.s2;32;;.s3;33;1113121;.q3;157898s5b1547b3228b363b242a273834a-6897a1657a-4616;177s2b-3854b3403b1b6;79s14b-3394b3241b20;9s13b-3281b3263b17b1x154126;185s9b-3281b3257b4;937s7b-3271b3267b7;9s15b-3274b3267b7e6087;1353s11b-3294b316b2978b13x-417e-145;42s16b-3322b3309b12e22;661s10b-3321b3309b12;11s8b-3321b3309b12;94s1b-3306b3283b11b334a11447a-9245a-2218a16;1087s12b-3598b3258b3;882s3b-3221b3224b340a16599a-13640a1500;6s6b-3564b3224b340;.inv;5512;1436;3992;351;9123;686;777;569;5498;1341;4185;0;582;2;0;0;1;2;11;430;0;1125;4;2799;151;49;56;2828;84;659;849;198;48;702;178;2646;5204;247;1;1;0;1;1;226;163;1;3;1;287;633;3193;12374;1873;551;458;0;1;1;9;885;1259;2;610;2;5;1195;69;6311;6;617;3510;825;1713;684;2869;10;6;11430;219;4666;0;0;80;42;1;0;0;5;1;1;0;0;1;0;0;1;1;0;0;0;0;0;18;37;34;5;0;3;373;94;0;0;0;0;867;49;947;1;0;1704;1;1;1;0;324;1422;494;772;139;570;412;610;47;45;137;136;100;2;1;247;86;114;229;1794;0;1156;172;65;1;1;1;19b582;94;3;123;2;1;1534;1;3;3;313;3;3319;11;36;10;5;170;227;7;91;4;33;10;140;145;293b167;1b-2;1b1;4055v110b19;4683;611;742;1158;398;1015;47;3;2130;8727;1;30;1;1;1;1;1;1;27;0;0;0;1;0;0;2;52;37;207;1;1;561;2;0;261;3;1;415;1;2;1;1;756;0;1;1;0;0;1;1;1;0;2;1;0;2;0;0;0;0;0;6;0;1;1;0;924;1140;831;3;353b760b3256b19b1;2b-3271b3251b19b1x154126e5940;35;1;190;0;532;561;314;42;132;0;94;0;245;100;1;1;52;27;230;1;1;1;341;291;108;573;435;55;2;519;172;72b-3256b3578b13b242;418;45;39;59$