BiB Locking an Azerite Trait Changes Suggested Azerite Armor

Running into a weird issue. With a fresh addon import, after running Best in Bags and locking Soaring Shield on my Breastplate of Arterial Protection, re-optimizing my gear suddenly suggest I change the chest piece to Desert Guardian’s Breastplate!

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I think you may have figured this out in discord too – that it was locking the azerite power, but not the item. So once the azerite power was locked in place, it decided to go with a different item that it could choose a different power on.

Is there an easy way to unlock gear you currently don’t see equipped in Best in Bags? Thinking that it can be hard to spot something like that.

Like an “Unlock all” button if locked gear/powers is detected.

Yes – there is an “unlock all” button in the lower-right that is active if you have anything locked.

If you lock a trait, AMR will consider all options with ONLY that trait.
An item might be good for a specific trait, but if you force it to use a shitty trait, than AMR will realize an entire different item, even though weaker in total, is better then the one you have but demand to have a trait that just seems to be rather bad.

There is three ways, I would say, you can go about this.
Realize that no matter what AMR says, this trait is better for your play style and lock both the trait and item, AMR will adjust to your play style that way, but your will be less optimized.
Realize that for a proper optimization, you need to use better traits, and that might mean changing your play style a little, you will have to adjust to a more optimized play style, but AMR will tell you what to take for it.

Truthfully, if you are not a hardcore raider competing for server first; The first is probably your best option.

Ultimately that’s what I think I am going for. I enjoy the gameplay some azerite traits bring more than a the couple of percent in performance I can gain from other traits. Ideally, for me, there would be a way to tell AMR “make sure I always have this and this trait in my gear set”, but I can probably manage this on my own too.