BiB marks trinket as upgrade yet sims significantly lower


I am using the BiB tool to find the upgrades. Convergence of fates dropped for me (iLvl 875) so I simmed on Krosus DW no miss and Spellblade sims (0.1% accuracy) and the convergence trinket sims significantly lower than my iLvl865 eye of command. Why is AMR insisting that the convergence is an upgrade if the sims on both Krosus and Spellblade are significantly lower?

Krosus with Convergence:
Krosus with Eye of Command:

Spellblade is similar (about 15k less on spellblade for the convergence vs eye of command, I just cant post more than 2 links)

The value of CoF depends heavily on the fight length. If you are using the default Ursoc gearing strategy, that has a different fight length than the Krosus or Spellblade script. It probably sims higher on that script.

If you make a custom gearing strategy for the fight length you prefer, it will rank the trinket accordingly.

Okay thanks, I honestly didn’t even see that option. I see I can switch it to Mythic+ and it changes the gearing fairly significantly :confused: I just hope I haven’t tossed anything too good recently.

Will use my own that is a bit more appropriate to the content I’m doing.

Sorry how do I create a custom gearing strategy that better fits the Krosus and Spellblade fights? I see I can view/edit but that just gives me the ability to either use custom stat weights or use machine learning. I cant see any setting to alter fight lengths or # of adds in a fight.

Here is a quick guide on how to make a gearing strategy:


Got it started on calculating a gearing strat for me. I’m interested to see how different this is from the default.