BiB Negative % DPS Furry warrior


As far as I can tell my negative percentage doesn’t seem to match up with the other posts that I could find (corruption cap, order of specs). Is there any other reason that it could be suggesting a DPS decrease? I tend to find that AMR really likes the pocket sized computation device for both my warrior and my restoration druid. Is there perhaps a bias towards it, or do other sites maybe undervalue it?

Something odd is going on there, could you post your addon export please?
Some of the gear you have equipped isn’t showing up in BiB!

For some reason it thinks your heart of azeroth is a different item level than it actually is…

Try the steps here to reset any cached information:

Usually you can clear any cache in either the addon or on our server by doing the following:

  1. Make sure the AMR addon window is closed/hidden in-game.
  2. In-game, go to your bank and open it – leave it open for 2 or 3 seconds so that the AMR addon has time to scan it.
  3. In-game, activate each of your specs once using the game’s talent/spec UI.
  4. Open the AMR addon window and go the export tab, copy the string to the clipboard.

On the website:

  1. Close any AMR windows you may have open, and open it again to ensure that you have refreshed the web page.
  2. Paste your addon export string.
  3. Change any option on Best in Bags, e.g. change the gem+enchant threshold to something else.
  4. Press Find Best in Bags to optimize again.
  5. (Go back and change any settings back to what you prefer, and optimize again.)

This should ensure that there is no cached data anywhere. Let me know if that works for you.

Hello all

I tried the reset suggested by yellowfive, and it now seems to correctly recognize the item level of my Heart of Azeroth. And it seems to be making more reasonable suggestions (it still likes the computation device but the active can be crazy strong as well).

Thanks everyone!