BiB not equipping seemingly clear upgrades

I was playing around with my gear a bit lately, and found a case where seemingly clear upgrades are not being included. If I lock them in manually, they show up as a big upgrade.

Snapshot ID:

For example, if I lock in the ilvl 460 tier 2 Echoing Void bracers, and re-optimize, it shows a ~4% DPS upgrade, which seems pretty major, while I’m still at my toughness threshold too after the optimization. The same goes for the 445 tier 1 Twilight Devastation bracers I have too, to a smaller degree. There may be other cases too, haven’t looked through all my items yet.

What gives?

“Corruption threshold exceeded” is why… you’re set to a nett Corruption limit of 39; add up the total corruption of the items you want to use and adjust the threshold in BiB, step 1 accordingly.


I checked with “Upgrade finder”, ‘Cleanse Corruption’ & nothing - even when ‘cleansed’ of Corruption - shows to be an upgrade with a threshold of 39 nett Corruption.

By way of example, I set a nett Corruption of 99 and got this…

Not suggesting that’s what you do, but if you trust your Healers enough to mitigate the extra ‘harm’, it’s a ‘possible’ option… bear in mind, also, I don’t M+ (n/m at the kind of levels you seem to) to know how that much Corruption affects you & your Group(s).

No, that can’t be it. If I lock in the 460 Echoing Void bracers only, it readjusts the rest of my gear by unequipping the corrupted gloves I’m using right now. I gain 35 corruption from the bracers and lose 35 corruption from the gloves, so the corruption level doesn’t change at all. I’m still at 34 corruption, below the max I’ve set at 39.

Doing that also gives me +4.08% DPS and it still says I have reached the toughness threshold too, hence my original question.

I’ll take a look at this – probably an edge case where things get complicated with balancing the corruption cap, toughness threshold, and DPS for a tank… can get pretty tough and those priorities can sometimes conflict.

Yeah, I figured it might be something related to that, it’s a lot to balance at the same time. Appreciate you taking a look!

Edit - locking in the 470 echoing void boots and nothing else results in a DPS upgrade of +4.33% in a similar fashion. The same also goes for the twilight devastation 445 bracers, giving a DPS upgrade of +2.15%, and the 465 twisted appendage gloves boosting DPS by 0.80%. These three items, along with the echoing void bracers from the first post, seem to produce the effect.