BiB Not Highlighting gear to be changed; stat graph not filled in

A recent issue, used to work fine. Not sure what changed to precipitate the issue. It is as though Microsoft Edge is not finishing the page display. All items to be changed are displayed, but the highlight bars that calls your attention to them are missing. Also, there is no information in the stat/graph box above the equipment list other than those words.

Fails on multiple alts, so not character specific. Sample character is Garithan on Lightbringer.

For some people, after our last update, it’s not selecting a gearing strategy by default – the picker just to the right of your name will appear blank. If you pick a strategy, it should load correctly.

In the next update I’m going to try and make sure that it sets a default for cases where this is happening.

TY. This was exactly the case for me and explains why my 2nd and third specs never displayed any graphs either. For a noob, it is not obvious that the blank box you referred to should contain anything. Perhaps something in it to reflect that a gearing strategy needs to be selected as an alternative to your default if it is easier for you.