BiB not respecting Customize stats

I have all the customize settings to push me into a mastery build. The most jankiest thing I noticed is that I have the limit set to 59 corruption but it puts me at -20 and I have a ton of corruption I could be wearing, including mastery stuff. I have everything set to point to a mastery heavy build but it doesn’t want to do it.

Snapshot: 747d6194fa8c4a16b5584cfe1fe4e292

Adding in, the BiB optimizer says “400%” upgrade, but it’s closer to a 25% downgrade

My gear - Not Available
BiB recommend - Not Available

3 target custom script Current gear - Not Available
AMR - Not Available

Once you decide to customize, you really need to ignore the %upgrade - custom rules make scoring somewhat arbitrary.

I also had a little trouble with setting the stats all the way to mastery - it causes a problem for the optimizer. I suggest just removing the stat customization. You can also remove the 3x blaster master customization because it’s going to do that by default. Just pumping up the weight on the mastery corruption effects is enough to push the optimizer to the build you are going for.

Ah, I see.

It was setting mastery stat so hard that it was outright ignoring corruptions for items that had mastery. The stat weight score did not take into effect the mastery gained from the corruptions only raw from items.