BiB - Prot Paladin suggests lower ilvl versions of equipped gear

Running BiB simulations for my protection paladin suggest that I equip lower ilvl versions of the gear I have equipped, e.g. preferring an ilvl 255 Rezan’s eye over an ilvl 310 Rezan’s eye. I have confirmed that in no instance was the lower ilvl version improved with leech stat or sockets or any other redeeming factor. I noticed that this happens whenever I adjust the TUF-DPS slider to any other position than max DPS.

If you post your addon export string that you copy from the addon to the website to load your character, we can take a closer look at your case.

Ah, so sorry I didn’t notice the reply sooner, I didn’t realize the forum notifications do not show on the main site.

For one reason or the other the issue has been fixed as I now get sensible recommendations even though I hadn’t removed or added anything to my bags during these 4 days from my initial post.

So uh yeah, whatever you did, thank you.