BiB recommendations give minus score

Snapshot: 3f8751ef1b624c9d85fc2c2591450a26
I checked everything twice if I check weird option or asked poorly. Even said please when were pressing Find button.

I believe there should be a reasonable explanation though.

and btw, Bronzed Grip Wrappings are broken in game, it procs very rare and doesn’t worth at all (lost a lot on this recommendation)

Your max on-use items limit is set too low, restricting it from picking both of your equipped on-use trinkets.

What is broken about that embellishment? Do you have a source describing the issue?

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and here is a log: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

I’ve rechecked and with healing it may does 4 procs but meh, feels like Fang Adornments will do more (will check as soon as I’ll be able to recraft a weapon)

And, still pretty sorry for taking your time
here: 962c4b7a300c4f88b4fbb06ee71cedc8
I got the same negative suggestion. I’ve checked trinkets this time!

We’ll fix that in the next update – the optimizer result is correct, but it is comparing the wrong scores to show the % difference. The recommended gear is actually an upgrade, not a downgrade. (It is a toughness downgrade, but an overall score upgrade since you’re using a more offensive strategy. But the UI is showing only the toughness difference instead of the overall difference.)

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Thanks. In previous version there were a position where UI begins to show dps increase instead of score increase which I use as a point where my gear more dps than defensive.

It’s a lot smoother transition with how we are scoring it now – makes it easier to get different blends of the two than before.

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