BiB Recommending a downgrade

Hey, my BiB is right now recommending me an intellect weapon for brewmaster, which is probably because its alot higher ilvl so the agility doesn’t matter, but its also saying that switch is 1.46% downgrade? Seems a bit weird to recommend then.

It got fixed by me using a catalyst charge on shoulders. But i’ll leave this here in case it helps you find some weird outlier bug or whatever that was. This is after if it helps.

I’ll take a look – for some reason it is swapping the weapons in the solution. You get a (very) slightly higher score by using the intellect weapon as your off-hand instead of the Mallet of Raging Tempests.

It’s close enough that it doesn’t really matter and you can keep your weapons as-is, but I’ll figure out why it has them swapped in this case and fix it in the next site update.