BiB recommending lower than zero versatility


Hey. Best in Bags is recommending less than 0 versatility and less than 84 haste for the character with the snapshot ID above. I thought of posting this in the Character Specific section but seeing the less than zero motivated me to post it here. What gives?

Well, you can’t actually get less than zero versatility - it’s just a display thing. Looks like crit and mastery are just way, way better than haste/vers for that build.

I feel that there’s something wrong. If you look at the optimal stat graph, you can see that I’ve been trying to reach a range in the most optimal stat combination at that starting iLvl via crafted gear. In all other classes that I’ve tried this, I’ve been able to see green bars the whole way, but something seems seriously wrong with the Frost DK, at least at this iLvl.

I don’t think there is anything wrong, really. There might be a combination of stats that includes a bit more vers or haste that is good, but the general trend is to try to get all your stats into crit and mastery. Doing some spot simulations with your character seem to back that up as well.

But those red and green arrow heads below “Your best gear has:” aren’t even a match for the few top stat combinations in the optimal stat graph, Swol. I’ve never seen this happening with any other spec or class. To be more specific, most top Frost DK stat combinations for that average iLvl (in the Optimal Stat Graph) have Haste from 160 to 480. So, why would BiB say that I need to reduce Haste, for example?

There’s either something wrong mathematically or something wrong with the user interface here; there’s just no other way around it in my opinion and from my experience with AMR, so far, because I’ve never seen this behavior with any other spec or class recently, as I mentioned, given that I haven’t tried all specs and classes recently yet.


I’m also doing 3.6k Recount and 2.7k Details! DPS in M+2 dungeons while using the recommended talents in AMR’s Frost DK guide, with the Night Fae covenant, and after having set up my spell priorities and using them according to the same guide. This is about half as much DPS as I can pull with other classes using the same exact methods and strategies and also in M+2.

I’m not sure if Blizzard’s DK scaling is really that atrocious or something is indeed wrong here with AMR’s math at this Frost DK iLvl.

Your item level is down near the bottom of the data we have - there is probably some potential weirdness. I’d say see what happens after you increase your item level a bit.

I still don’t think there is some big problem going on - looking at the data… crit and mastery are way better stats than haste and vers for that build. Having very little haste/vers isn’t going to cause you to do less damage. Pushing a few hundred secondary stats into haste from crit or mastery isn’t going to have a huge effect on your DPS output either.

Doing extremely low damage in some low keys can be due to all sorts of things that aren’t necessarily related to your stats. Especially on the scale you are talking about, it almost certainly isn’t due to tweaking your stats a little bit the “wrong” way.