BiB recommends something that sims lower

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I know BfA is about to end, but just recently I’ve been thinking about this. BiB is recommending me something that sims lower than what I have currently equipped.

Current Equipment Sim

BiB Recommendation Sim

What is the cause of this? Is there something I can do to help with this?
Hope this info would be helpful.

Especially towards the end here, very specific combinations of azerite traits, corruption effects, and essences could have synergistic effects in the simulator that the optimizer doesn’t predict.

In your case, if you start playing around with things, you’ll see that your equipped gear seems to be pretty specific… if you change one of the essences or one of the corrupted items or one of the azerite traits, DPS seems to drop. I’d have to spend a lot more time trying to figure out specifically why your equipped gear simulates better than setups that are barely different.

One thing we did for fire mages is favor 3x blaster master when you have hyperthread wristwraps – but since you don’t, some of that optimizer logic is not kicking in. Since that build was so dominant, we narrowed in on it a bit.

In general this is pretty rare – that a specific synergy will spike like that and that the optimizer won’t agree with the simulator on it. With Shadowlands we’re taking a slightly different approach with the optimizer that should handle this sort of thing better if/when it comes up as the expansion goes on. Towards the beginning it shouldn’t be an issue because gear is simpler.

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Thank you for the answer, I don’t have hyperthread because I have been unlucky XD

Hope this info would be of help for shadowlands cause I love askmrrobot, the tanks and healer builds, the organization on setups. The simplicity. The current setup I got it simming in Raidbots, through hours and hours of simming just to see if I could push it. But I hate it. Simming over and over again for every single piece of equipment that I get is awfully disgusting.

Looking forward to use AMR in shadowlands!

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