BiB shows negative improvement

Snapshot ID: 7dd92c16603543b2a7db7984fbba9997

Best in bags for multi target destruction warlock suggest swapping my neck for -1.17% dps. This means my equipped items are best?

Same profile and snapshot ID, primary (demonology) spec suggest gear changes that would lead to +21.55% dps increase (!!) which I find hard to believe.

For your Demonology spec, I think the large dps increase is due to the changes with your soulbind conduits and traits. You can see them just under the average item level.

For the Destruction spec, it is your secondary spec in priority, so my guess is something changed with the primary spec (demonology, i.e the soulbind changes) that increased it’s dps, and this then affects what can be used by the secondary spec (changed the soulbind from Dreamweaver to Niya, as it would provide more dps than the altered dreamweaver configuration, but less than the original dreamweaver configuration you were using).

This is based on just inspecting the screenshots and my experience with using AMR, I haven’t checked your snapshot.

Swol or yellowfive can give you a more definitive answer.

agrocasey has given you good advice

In that snapshot, you have non-demonology conduits currently equipped. The optimizer is changing them to demonology-appropriate conduits, which will account for a big chunk of damage.

Destruction is currently using the best soulbind for demonology (which also happens to be the best for destruction), so you will have to sacrifice some damage as destruction to optimizer demonology.

Side note: If demonology and destruction are the specs you play the most, you should consider necrolord, as night fae doesn’t offer much for those two specs.

D’oh, forgot about soulbind + conduits. Thank you, the explanation makes sense!

@Swol Does AMR recommend necrolord anywhere? Or are you suggesting based on your experience. Just wondering if I missed an optimization option anywhere for covenant / soulbind in BiB.

We don’t recommend covenant/talents. You can find some data on what we think the potential of each combination is in the guides section.

I was basing that on my experience - spent most of this xpac playing demonology and some destruction.

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