BiB Sim not greater than sim of current gear

Hi Everyone,

I’m fairly new to using AMR and I just noticed that if I sim my current equipment it gives out a dps that is greater than the sim result of the BiB. Please note that I have made sure that sim settings are all the same (like fight type, buffs, etc.). Would there be any reason behind this?


How much difference is there?
Linking to the results of the simulations helps us answer your questions, the more information you provide the better we can answer your question.

BiB has an error margin it works within, just like simulations have an error margin, it’s required to be able to give you an answer so quickly. There’s a chance you’ll be able to find a better result if you spend a lot more time looking however you’ll never fight something enough times to be able to definitely say, “this set is better.”

Hi Cluey,

Thanks for the insight. It is much appreciated. I guess the dps diff is quite within the margin of error. It’s less than 1000. I totally understand now. I guess this answers it for me. I’m going to play around more with AMR to be able to use it better.

Thanks again for your time.