BiB sometimes suggests an item that is WAY lower than I currently have on

Just curious, why would BiB suggest I change a 151 iLvL Quick Oxxein Ring for a 59 iLvL Soul of the High Priest?

The Quick Oxxein Ring has +38 Stamina, +71 Haste, +16 Haste (Quick Jewel Cluster), and +29 Versatility.
The Soul of the Thigh Priest has +14 Stamina, +13 Critical Strike, +16 Haste, +9 Mastery and + 16 Mastery (Tenet of Mastery).

I understand the stats want me to lower my haste and increase my mastery, but at the expense of almost 100 iLvLs? That’s the difference between running normal dungeons and heroic dungeons, or a few more iLvLs and the difference between heroic and mythic dungeons. Doesn’t the sim take iLvL into consideration as well? Just wondering, if I had a couple more items that does this, my iLvL could conceivably drop to 148, definitely keep me out of heroic dungeons regardless of my dps.

I know these are guides, and I can hide the Soul of the High Priest, or any other item that is doing this as well. I’m just curious if the iLvL is taken into consideration or only the stats and the iLvL is simply a guide itself (although most players care more about iLvL aka gear score than stats when looking to accept a player into their dungeon / raid groups).

The optimizer only looks at the stats on the items. Item level in and of itself doesn’t matter. Stamina has no value in the optimizer unless you are a tank.

Keep in mind that when you queue for a dungeon or try to sign up for one in the group finder, it uses/shows the item level in your bags, not the item level you have equipped. You won’t be barred from any content because you drop some ilvl by equipping the lower level items.

Once you get some basic gear this won’t be an issue. I just leveled up one of my alts and was able to get to 190 ilvl in 2 or 3 days only doing solo content. At that point the lower ilvl item won’t be relevant anymore.

How safe is it to conclude that whichever Healer spec this is, is an OS… that has the Oxxein Ring assigned to another, higher priority spec. …?
What isn’t visible is the spec. priority list to the left of what you have screen-grabbed; that & maybe a Snapshot ID may help to shed more light of your specific use case.