BiB suggest off-hand with empty main hand

I have read this post and still have a question.

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My question is: For my Druid’s Restoration spec AMR’s BiB suggest a set with an 286 off-hand, but no main-hand. As a result no weapon is equipped when I export AMR’s suggestion to the addon. There are two one-hand weapons in my bag, one 290 and one 273 and AMR knows about both of them.

Furthermore, when I try to manually remove the off-hand in BiB and lock in a two-handed 285 main-hand (Haste + Mastery) then the locked in weapon is ignored as soon as I push the “RE-OPTIMIZE” button. Instead I get the empty main-hand thing plus off-hand again. No such problem when I manually lock in a one-handed weapon.

Only when I push the Restoration spec to priority slot 3 or 4 does AMR suggest the two-handed weapon that I tried to lock in before.

Curiously AMR would even originally keep its suggestion for the Restoration spec to ilevel 274 without any changes while the other three specs already reached ilevel 290. Only once I manually switched all gear in-game did AMR accept the new equipment for the Restoration spec.

Last, but not least. The “RE-OPTIMIZE” button should become usable whenever the spec prioritization order is changed. Currently we first have to switch back and forth to another spec in order to get new optimizations after a priority change.

Post the export string from the addon that you are using for BiB and then we can try to reproduce the weapon issue to take a look.

I just had AMR suggest the two-handed staff. Once I put on the suggested set and exported again AMR suggested another combination of items, but again using the two-handed staff. Then I exported again and now it suggest the off hand with empty main hand.


I created my own strategies using AMR’s pre-configured simulation. This results in AMR properly suggesting the two-handed weapon.

Interesting - I tried your string with the default strategy and it suggested the staff. I wonder if there was something else going on…

Like I wrote, AMR did suggest the staff two times in a row, but both times in combination with other equipment. And then the third time it suggests the empty main hand again.

There were no changes to the character in between, I did just: export -> import -> export -> import -> export.

Even more curious: I went so sleep before writing this message here and now tried another BiB suggestion without even logging in to WoW or changing anything. Now AMR suggest a one-handed main hand plus off hand using my own simulation strategy, increasing ilevel from 287 to 289 by suggesting various higher ilvel items along the way. Again, I changed nothing since I went to sleep, just did a reload on AMR and hit the BiB button. Screenshot or it didn’t happen:

Using AMR’s own strategy I still get the empty main-hand, though. Here is a screenshot:

I just logged on and did an export. Turns out that I already put on the ilevel 289 gear set before logging out. Now I ask myself if I really did not do another export at the very end to let AMR know about this?!

Anyway, using the ilevel 289 set that was suggested by my own “Optimal” simulation run I just exported to AMR and asked for its own “Mythic+” suggestion. It suggested a 286 set using the staff, likely the one that you got when you tried this. I imported this set, equipped this set and then exported. Now AMR suggest the empty main hand again, going kind of round in circles.

BTW: The two handed staff is 285, the one handed dagger is 290 and the off hand is 286, so the latter sum up to +20 Int compared to the staff (AMR wants me to use more Mastery, though).