BiB Suggested Issue

When using BiB for my Windwalker Monk, it suggested that I equip the same weapon in main hand AND offhand, even though I only have one of the weapons. It IS my BEST weapon, so i understand it being suggested for MH, but my OH weapon used to be BiB Suggested as my second best weapon, not the duplicate it’s showing now.
Is there a way to ensure it doesn’t try to suggest using the same weapon in both slots when you only have one?

Seems updating the addon might have bugged out or cleared the memory cache. After reopening my bank and bags for each spec and reimporting all three again, it works as intended.

Yeah in theory each item in your inventory is assigned a unique ID, and the optimizer has logic to prevent equipping two of the same unique item at once. If you run into the issue again let us know, and post your addon export string that you copy from the addon to the website, we’ll take a look.