BiB suggesting a 0.05% downgrade


I’m probably doing something wrong here, and wanted to check. I checked BiB with some new gear, and it’s recommending swapping out numerous pieces for a result that’s 0.05% worse than what I’m wearing. Any thoughts?

I’ll take a look… I think something must be going on with the gem/enchant threshold setting. If you disable that, the issue goes away (and it recommends changing some enchants for a pretty small gain). I’ll try some cases this weekend to see why it isn’t just leaving your original setup alone.

Thanks. For what it’s worth, I got some new gear tonight and BiB was acting unexpectedly for most of my specs. It would recommend a particular setup, I’d swap everything around to that setup, then I’d run again and it would recommend swapping out gear again.

In one instance it seemed to recommend swapping to a piece that was already used in another higher ranked spec. One recommendation was a downgrade and another was a 0% change. Would the codes for those be helpful as well?

Sure – if you have a case not doing what you expect, go ahead and post it and I’ll take a look.

Here’s from my M+ set, suggesting a -0.04% change: 5c31eade9db142c792781c4a1baa3b23

Here’s from my Balance set, suggesting a -1.40% change: 5ecd4e40eee2479eace0a7cceb60801f

I looked at these – we’ll fix it in the next update (probably tomorrow sometime).

These all stem from a pretty specific bug… kind of obscure, but long story short it has to do with the fact that you have only one off-hand item, and no 1-hander to pair with it. Though the optimizer rightly chooses a 2-handed weapon instead, part of the logic got a bit hung up when checking weapon combos in this specific case.

Also questioning some of the Best in Bags recommendations.

Level 58 Holy Priest
Woodseed Loop or Archaedic Stone of the Owl?
I would assume the second and BiB says the first.

it’s saying Spellshifter Rod over Lorespinner which doesn’t make sense to me…


We would need you to post a snapshot for us to look at this. Use the help link and the Create Support Post button.