BiB suggesting items over other items that are better

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Yellow, As I discussed in the discord, sorry about being a couple of days late getting this to you.
I have noticed that with feral especially we are basically stacking crit. But it suggests that we use unbound force as a minor. So with a class that crit stacked and running severes and strike throughs we are usually at 100%crit during a boss fight. So why would we want to run unbound force as a minor if the is little chance for us to miss on a crit attack? Feels like a waste of a minor slot. I am also wondering why its wanting me to wear a void twisted titan shard trinket over the 475 electromental jar in my bag.
I use both AMR and SimC(raidbots) I notice the top gear solution in raidbots puts me at a noticable difference in DPSon a Mythic boss over AMR. nwo this is only for feral. Inotice AMRand raidbots are fairly close with other classes/specs

Thank you for making the beginning. Almost EVERY class I simulia me AMR recommends that I should play with force. just like my hunter. and the second problem I have is that he wants to put on the void drinks ALWAYS although it’s actually crap the shield is in the raid so fast away that I can’t even profit from the critic. and it would be nice to get an option where you look at an item on which you buy a corruption that comes out by 0.80% improvement which you would have to put down. maybe you can also explain to us why the priority of essencen is e.g. force. the funny thing is that when I simme BiB and then exchange certain items myself about 5k more dps simme. or if I force instead I say now let iris change at simmen come ihc much higher. I have always relied on BiB and then I have experated around and don’t see why you simmt around so much higher dps if you prefer certain items from rank lists on another side and BiB wants to do it completely differently. perhaps there is a logical explanation from your side. I keep a lot of you and have been a user of this site for years and would like to stay that way. By and large, I’d just want to understand why the ranking of certain items and essencen to 2-3 other pages completely contradicts. I am looking forward to the answer. I translated this text with google translator because I can’t write so perfect unf error free English (I’m from Austria :D) I hope you can still read it and rhyme the whole thing together :smiley:


It’s not really 100% crit for the whole fight, it’s pretty close while Tiger’s Fury is active but that’s only 40% of the fight, less if there are times you can’t hit the boss as you’ll be at energy cap when you get back on your target. It’s fairly easy to exclude it as a choice though, as Swol pointed out.

Also I noticed you have _Wild Fleshrending_x3 set above _Heart of Darkness_x3 in your single target setup, you also have Brutal Slash in the same setup, which is the standard ST build.
Brutal Slash doesn’t benefit from Wild Fleshrending, I’d assumed it would but noticed BiB giving me different results depending on L90 talent I had selected. It was while I tried to understand the result I noticed it isn’t buffed by Wild Fleshrending.

If you remove the customisations your trinkets are all pretty close. You can lower the value of the Void-Twisted Titanshard, although it’s pretty hard to work out how much to lower it by.
When I looked the uptime, I was getting from the shield, it was ~60, but lowering it’s value by 40% isn’t accurate as you’re also lowering the static versatility by 40% too.
I didn’t look at a huge sample size and I meant to do some testing to see which order the shields absorb damage, if Resounding Protection absorbs damage after the trinket that would be rather annoying. Then there are Discipline Priest shields, I assume they absorb first but I haven’t tested it.

I’ve got the trinket pair on, the set bonus is strong enough to not to stress about how much uptime the crit shield has. As you’re aware it doesn’t work in M+ so I use a different trinket in them. It does work on the pylon mini-bosses and in Visions.