BiB suggestion lowers score

Snapshot id:

I just got myself a new i445 ring, so I loaded it into the BiB check (Snapshot: f24731e83a234a86af7c93a16f5d3dc1), and it told me to equip the ring. It also told me that doing so would be a 0.04% downgrade.

I thought it might be because I had an item locked down, but even after hitting Unlock All, and loading a new BiB (5b4e89aebda04c6bbae7efd8b833a6c9), it still told me "Equip the ring, it’s a 0.04% downgrade.

I’ll take a look… this seems to be a minor scoring issue when you are right on the edge of your toughness threshold. I should be able to fix that in the next update.

I’ve run into the same problem a few times lately as well, most recently here: ab18cbc8e149475dba181a311ebc1337

BiB recommends equipping a setup that is a 0.11% downgrade.

This is also when I’m balancing on the toughness threshold and slowly equipping more DPS gear as I get upgrades.

Yeah I’m looking into it… what’s happening in these cases is that the solution is ending up very slightly below the toughness threshold, but gains a bit of DPS. So there must be a tweak somewhere that is allowing it to drop just slightly below the threshold to gain that DPS.

When we display the score change though, if your solution is below the threshold, we only show the score difference for toughness. So e.g. in your case, toughness score is going down a tiny amount (0.11%), but DPS is going up by a couple percent .

Just to add another data point, I have a similar issue:

Snapshot id: a40d47cd9dfc45438b5701b973612876
If I don’t customize the secondary stats while set for Raid Tanking - Heroic, I don’t meet the TUF threshold.

If I tweak it around a bit and go for a 2700/1500/400/400 Vers/Mast/Haste/Crit mix, I reach the toughness threshold and get a +16.06% DPS increase over my other gear.

Is this the same issue where non-customized is just a tiny bit below the toughness threshold but the DPS was good enough to suggest the risk?

I guess I should run both setups through the sim for death chance.

Once you customize stats things get a lot fuzzier… it is a bit difficult to say whether something is over your toughness threshold or not, because your “score” doesn’t relate to any of the simulation data that we ran to base the thresholds on.

We do some calculations to try and give a “score” that tells you how close you are to your custom goal, but that’s about all we can say: is this set of gear closer to your goal or further from it?

I can review how that interacts with the toughness threshold… I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Good enough for me, I realize I’ve been tweaking gear possibly too much this past week. I’ll let things settle and grab this weekend’s loot and the next Mythic+ cache and see where I land.