BiB tank trinket for dps?

Hi! It’s me again. This time I’ve had an odd suggestion, but unlike my last posts, it is not clear if there is an error or not.

Snapshot ID: 93318e49697a4c6f8a5121b9fd22ef13

What I’m wondering here is why does it recommend the Burgeoning Seed trinket for my Frost DK when it could instead pick Blazebinder’s Hoof (both of same ilvl 421). Why I’m even asking is that Burgeoning Seed only drops for tanks and as such I do not intuitively get why its effect would be good for dps. Especially so when it’s active ability gives me versatility (and max health) which judging by other item choices made by BiB looks to be actively avoided by my Frost DK setup whenever possible. Meanwhile Blazebinder’s hoof would give me haste which looks to be the top stat and even deals some direct damage with its active effect.

On the other hand, Seed gives strength passively while Hoof only gives it for a short duration, so maybe if (constantly available) strength is a lot more valuable than haste is compared to versatility then this would still make sense, but other than that I don’t see a reason why it should recommend the Seed. But even then, I’ve read that Frost is supposed to be a bursty spec, so I don’t see why passive strength would be worth that much more than temporary strength.

Unlike my other bug reports this is not a straightforward case of comparing two trinkets both of which give the same stat but different active effects of which the entirely useless active effect is being recommended, but this still seems dubious.

These are the kinds of thing that an optimizer is good for – it uses the spell data to determine roughly how powerful the effects will be.

The Blazebinder’s Hoof has a 12 rppm chance to trigger during its 20 second interval, meaning it will often not reach full stacks – at least according to the spell data. Thus the average amount of strength that you end up with is pretty low, and the DPS of the effect is pretty low as well.

Strength is proportionally more powerful than secondary stats at lower item levels, so it is not surprising that it is favoring a trinket that gives you more primary stats.

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