BiB telling me to downgrade

I used BiB earlier on Tuesday (after the server was fixed) and after raid I imported my BiB (got a 2nd unguent caress) and it has me putting on gear that is a dps loss. It doesn’t even try to imput both of my Unguent Caress, it actually has me taking one off and playing with other gear. Nothing of which was new to my bags from the last optimization.
Help Code:

I’ll take a look… this is actually a pretty tough case. Once you start adding customization it becomes a bit complicated, because you are now ignoring “score” and overriding it in some places but not others. There is a case here where some extra code needs to be added to identify cases where all the “customized” stuff turns out to be identical (azerite traits), so it should fall back to “score” as the way to determine which of the potential solutions to choose.

That would actually be a pretty specific case to code for… but I’ll see if we can add it. There is a general set of cases that are similar and far more difficult to account for that the customization logic is trying to handle.

Well, I get that I have the custom rules set on Traits, but none of that is what is changing constantly. The changes are mainly in the rings, weapons and trinkets. They swap constantly when I hit BiB, giving me different enchants/gems each time. I’ve opened everything except those traits b/c AMR won’t recognize those as the best options. I digress, but in this instance, the pieces of gear it wants me to change have nothing to do with my custom rules, yet is causing a decrease.

Side note: Can you add a counter for corruption in the Stats tab? I know I can set the maximum, but it’d be nice knowing what the BiB optimization puts me at without having to individually count it up or put it on in-game.

Click on the char sheet tab to right of the solution – shows your stats, including total corruption.

Ahh, okay, I never look at char sheet.

I locked off my 440 socketed weapon in one test batch and it gave me a new optimized set.
I then imported it, equipped it, and then exported it back to the website and removed that lock to compare that set vs the unlocked optimization.

It’s -1.17% DPS. 003e593c88e2456c96c0083e9e79c48c

So, the version where I don’t use my 440 weapon provides me higher dps, but AMR can’t see that solution on it’s own without me telling it.